At a Glance

The Vita Futura program was designed by two Starwood management trainees, with an aspiration to create a program that no other company could match. They believed that the best learning and the best training can only be achieved through the creative participation of the graduates themselves. Vita Futura is therefore a program that you design to suit your career desires and it also allows you to share your experiences and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Starwood Leaders.

The program continues to evolve, taking into account feedback received from the Vita Futura Alumni, offering the very latest thinking in global hospitality management.

Vita Futura is the number one choice for the driven hospitality graduate.


What you will often hear is that there is no other program as flexible as the Vita/Finance Futura program. We want you to ‘Design Your Own Destiny” and focus on the path YOU want to follow. Your Mentor, your Buddy and your HR will help you create this path. You will have the chance to try out several different areas and discover where your passions and strengths lie.
As a Futura, you will have the opportunity to experience, in depth, a variety of departments, both operational and administrative.

On the other hand, bein a Futura certainly does not mean you will be given everything on day one. Expect to go back to square one and be ready to learn. You will be paired up with a Mentor who will be your main reference for queries, thoughts, problems and decisions. The program is a comprehensive learning experience designed to give you the most complete working knowledge possible in the industry.

The VF/FF program is about opportunities. You will have the chance to learn from your peers, your Head of Departments, and your General Manager. At the same time, you will be in charge of various projects within departments and hotel-wide. You will have the opportunity to work in areas where you might not want to work in the future, you might get to know people meant to become lifelong friends, or you might discover new passions. However, this won’t all come easily. The aim of the program is to pull you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to seek and create your own opportunities.

Program Outline

As a Vita Futura you design your own destiny. Our framework is only a guide; you will receive help from your Human Resources department to design a program which suits your career desires.